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Gary Collins, MS was raised in the High Desert at the basin of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in a remote part of California. Gary enjoyed, and considers himself lucky to have grown up in a very small town experiencing fishing, hunting, and anything outdoors from a very young age. He has been involved in organized sports, nutrition, and fitness for almost four decades. He is also an active follower and teacher of the self-reliant/survivalist/off the grid lifestyle.

A self-declared sports junkie, he participated and excelled in various organized sports since the age of seven. He is extremely passionate about the pursuit of optimal health in mind, body and soul. Collins has two goals: To make being healthy as simple and enjoyable as possible and to give people the truth.

Collins’ background is very unique and brings a much-needed perspective to today’s fields of health, nutrition, and being more self reliant. He holds an AS degree in Exercise Science, BS in Criminal Justice and a MS in Forensic Science.

After an exciting career in military intelligence Collins worked for the U.S. State Department, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a Special Agent. His career took him around the world and gave him a unique perspective on not only how the United States, but the world is affected by our food, drug and healthcare policies.

The highlights of his career took him from protecting some of the most powerful people in the world to investigations involving the biggest tainted pet food death case in the U.S. to the intricate dealings of one of the largest counterfeit prescription drug rings in the world. He has often said, “If American’s really knew what was going on in the area of healthcare and nutrition in this country, they would be appalled.”

It can be safely said no one in the health and fitness industry has the inside knowledge and background that Collins has. He is a hybrid of a high intensity health expert, self sufficiency advocate and an investigator rolled into one.

An author and college professor, Mr. Collins advises specialist and is a consultant for high-level organized sports programs and gyms. He is currently an exercise and nutrition consultant for the San Diego City College Men’s Basketball team, one of the most successful Junior College sports programs in California. Some of his other clients include college football players for high profile programs, to include Purdue and Kansas State University.

In addition to his “Off The Grid Project” and published articles the Primal Power Method Series, (his total lifestyle reboot), blows the lid off of conventional wellness expectations and is essential for every American seeking better health. Collins is also a contributor to the Brink of Freedom online magazine, Paleo Magazine, and a member of the The Survival Podcast Expert Council.

Collins is a Master level personal trainer (only a few people in the world hold such a designation) with specialized training in fitness nutrition, exercise therapy, strength and conditioning, youth fitness, and senior fitness.

Due to his unique background, Mr. Collins, conducts workshops worldwide and is a highly sought guest speaker at wellness conferences, colleges, and Fortune 500 companies.

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Dwayn Chambers, MBA., is a tried and true Kentuckian. A Bourbon drinking, basketball loving, Derby watching dude. Growing up in a small town of 660, Dwayn was exposed to the joys of rural living. Hunting and fishing were normal weekends of fun and entertainment. Being outside was a natural way of life. When he wasn’t participating in outdoor sports, baseball and basketball were his true athletic passions. Any young man or woman, growing up in the Bluegrass State dreams of playing for the Wildcats in a jam-packed Rupp Arena. Although he hit many last second shots on his concrete court in his backyard, high school was as far as his basketball jones would take him.

After high school, college was the next obvious chapter. Opting for a small community college in Elizabethtown, Dwayn realized things were not going to be as easy as high school. After struggling through his first semester, tragedy struck when his best friend was killed in a car accident. This led him down a two-year path of failing out of two universities.

Finding himself working as a car salesman for a large dealer in Lexington, he knew there was more to life than just slinging cars. Every day at lunch, Dwayn would go home and turn on the TV to catch McHale’s Navy. One day he decided that those guys looked like they were having too much fun and instead of returning to the lot, he walked into the recruiting office and 24 hours later was signing his name to be a Navy man.

The Navy changed everything in his life. He found the discipline that was lacking in his life and learned how to not only work hard, but to do so in a way that made you stand out. After winning the award for Junior Sailor of the Year in Naval Intelligence, he was accepted into Navy SEAL training and would attend BUD/s in 1997. A four-year dream finally came true when he walked across the quarter deck onto the famed grinder filled with little small frog feet. However, this is where he learned, no matter how much you want a dream to come true, one small mistake will take it all away. On a hot, sunny, San Diego day, too much determination, and too much sunscreen would be his downfall. The obstacle course was the hardest thing about BUD/s to Dwayn. One day after a weekend pep talk from a SEAL friend. Dwayn hit the course with more determination than ever. When he got to the slide for life, he was at least two minutes ahead of his best time. After completing Hell Week, you were allowed to climb the side of the tower with a flip. The first two levels went perfect, the third did not. While half way through the flip, the sunscreen on his hands caused him to slip off and because he was inverted, feet up, he fell 20 feet and landed on the back of his head and neck. Although he was rolled back to class 216, the pain in his back was too much and he quit his dream and returned to the fleet. After a short time on the Dwight D. Eisenhower, an MRI showed that he had compressed disks in his lower back. This abruptly ended his career in the U.S. Navy.

Back in Kentucky, Dwayn finished college with a Journalism degree and worked in local media for 8 years. After meeting his wife Emily, they decided to open an insurance business and excelled over the next 6 years. Working a 100% commission job was awesome because earning based on your own hard work was extremely gratifying. However, the recession at the end of 2008 began to change things. Customers began to cut costs wherever they could and supplemental insurance was the first to go. As the money began to dry up, and a wife pregnant with twins, Dwayn had to find another income source. He found that with a large auto manufacturing company where he is a Team Leader today. Although not a dream job, he was able to use the company for stability and to complete his M.B.A.

Now married with three children, Dwayn works his night job there, but needed more in his life. Journalism was in his blood and no matter what he did, he could not fill that hole until he began rekindling a relationship he had in the Navy with Gary Collins, a lifelong friend he met in boot camp. Together they formed a plan to take over the Podcast world, and in February 2017, they launched their new Podcast, Old Dudes, New Tricks and began the long road of moving up to the number one spot on iTunes.