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E24: Off the Grid Revisited

Off the Grid
25 May

E24: Off the Grid Revisited

Off the Grid
Off the Grid, the How-To Book of Simple Living and Happiness

Gary is back in Washington to work on his off the grid home. After months away, I wondered what he found when he got back to his property. I wanted to know if the hard winter had impacted anything in a negative way and how the house held up as a whole. Overall, he came out in good shape, but there were some issues he had to address.

In this episode, we discuss the carpentry skills Gary has acquired after years of remodeling homes. Also, upon returning he found a couple of unwanted guest in the house. First it was full of stink bugs and upon removing a tarp, he found hundreds of field mice. We talked about a float house I saw on CBS Sunday morning and how amazed I was by the intricate construction. We then got on the topic of well water and how wells are beginning to create water right debates.

After discussing Gary’s field cameras, I wondered what the natural wildlife was in Eastern Washington and what kind of dangers they may pose in that remote of an area. That led to a hunting conversation that ended talking about the Department of Fish and Wildlife and how good a job they do controlling animal population.

All in all, the off the grid project is going well. I am impressed he can run his business and work on his house daily and still have time to work with me on our projects. I can easily state we both work our asses off. I just hope someday we can figure it all out and enjoy the fruits of our labor.


Off the Grid

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Float Houses

Barge Houses

Berkey Filtration Systems

Water Rights

Animals Found in Eastern Washington


Department of Fish and Wildlife


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