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E22: Modern Human Competition

Parents at kids sports.
18 May

E22: Modern Human Competition

Parents at kids sports and modern human competition.
Modern Human Competition. Kids playing sports sometimes bring out the worst in parents.

I love it when Gary and I sit down to record a podcast and we have no idea where the podcast is going. I like it even better when we have a topic we want to cover and talk for an hour without even getting to that particular point. This was one of those podcasts. What started out to be an update on Gary’s Off the Grid project, turned into a conversation about Modern Human Competition.

We start off on a tangent right off the bat. My 5-year-old daughter is playing her first year of t-ball and there are parents that are already going to battle with the coaches about where kids are playing in the field. These kids are trying to learn the fundamentals of playing baseball and you have to give everyone an opportunity to participate. Winning is fun, but if a kid doesn’t get any action, they may lose the desire to play. Now later on, competition becomes important too and the better kids will get the playing time. That conversation led to how youth sports have changed since our childhood to today. Then we dive way back to primitive civilizations and how those societies played sports. Even to the death.

Competition segued into modern working conditions and how it is taking parents away from their families more and more. Most large employers have gotten away from employees first and we are all paying the price. Kids need their parents to support them and working 50-60 hours a week is not helping the cause. Not only are kids not getting the supervision they need, parents are becoming more and more unhealthy due to being overworked and overstressed.


Fighting Growing Up

How Sports Have Changed

Parents at Sporting Events

Primitive Human Competition

Nomadic Populations

Modern Work Conditions


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