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E21: Guns for Beginners with James from Survivalpunk

Guns and Target
15 May

E21: Guns for Beginners with James from Survivalpunk

Guns and Target
Being a new gun buyer can be intimidating. Finding the right one is key for your enjoyment and safety.

After a week off from recording a podcast, it was great getting back together. Since Gary has moved backed to Washington and has gotten settled in, we will be back to our normal Monday, Thursday for releasing podcasts. In this episode, we talk guns for beginners. One of the things Gary did when he got back was pawn some things off and used the money to buy a new gun. I was intrigued about what went into his gun purchase and why he decided on a Ruger Lightweight Commander. He was talking about getting a Springfield 1911, but his mind was changed by the salesman at his gun store. This topic got me thinking, it has been more than 15 years since I’ve shot a gun and was talking hypothetically about getting a new handgun. I had no idea where to start so we decided to bring on James from to talk me through the process and discuss not only gun purchase, but gun basics.

We start the episode talking about the world wide cyber hack that occurred this week. I was amazed how the 22-year-old cyber security worker broke down the code and found the solution to slow down and maybe stop the spread. We then dove into the gun basics. As with any gun conversation, everyone has their own views on gun laws. We each discuss our views without getting too in depth and sidetrack the whole hour with arguing minute details. We end the episode with a glorious Gary rant on James Comey and how he is a perfect example of the ineptitude of individuals who lead federal agencies.


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