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E20: Brewing Beer with Kevin Richey

Beer Brewing
8 May

E20: Brewing Beer with Kevin Richey

Brewing Beer
Rock House Brewing in Lexington, Kentucky.

Is there any more dudetastic topic than Brewing Beer? This week on Old Dudes New Tricks, we talk to beer brewer and tap room owner Kevin Richey. Kevin is one of the founders of Rock House Brewing in Lexington, Kentucky. One of the things we want to do on this podcast, is find topics that guys universally like. Since we probably will not do an episode on boobs, we decided to do one on beer instead. (I personally think the boob topic would get more downloads, however.) Brewing Beer is still awesome though.

Lexington has a growing microbrew market, but the state as a whole only produce 5% of its beer from small breweries. From humble beginnings, mostly out west, the number of small beer brewers have seen impressive growth over the last couple of decades. All hoping to tap the market and grow to the size of the most popular “microbrewery” Sam Adams. It’s not easy. It takes, not only a great beer, but good investment and the drive to build a business that takes a while to get off the ground. Talking to Kevin, we both realized, this is one of the more difficult businesses to begin because even once you build your manufacturing processes, it will be months before you can even sell your first beer. That is a lot of capital you have to invest without a product being sold for a long time.

This episode hits on a couple of key topics our podcast believes deeply in. First, Kevin works a full-time job, but he had a dream to open a brewery. Now that he is older, he is still at his job, but chasing his dream. The second, is the need for hard work and sacrifice. Doing what you love is not always easy. As I’m finding out, the hardest part about doing it, is getting done what you need to do to grow your business and balancing family life.


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Beer Brewing


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