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E29: Has America Lost Its Work Ethic?

Work Ethic
5 Jul

E29: Has America Lost Its Work Ethic?

Work Ethic
What has happened to hard work in America today?

This week Gary and I tackle the subject of Hard Work and Work Ethic. We both have been going at work 100% for the last three weeks. What we are finding, the people around us are not necessarily holding up their end and it is affecting us. Gary spends his whole week getting things ready for his contractors to do their job while simultaneously trying to manage his business. When the contractors screw around or do the job wrong, it is frustrating on many fronts. In my positon at the plant, I have people under me that do not grasp, sometimes you have to put out more effort to ensure things run smoothly. They get used to a certain pace (much less than what is required) and when things pick up, refuse to match the pace of the job and get way behind. This not only slows overall production, but keeps some of us there 45 minutes to an hour later necessary every night to catch up.

We start this episode reviewing last week’s podcast with John Pugliano. I unfortunately missed the conversation about automation and wanted to chime in on some of the things they talked about. Specifically, as automation has increased in our plant, we have actually added workers instead of downsizing. We then go into the main topic, talking about our individual frustrations with people doing work half assed. We give our opinions why we think this is happening and decide it is not just the millennials that do not put out effort. We then discuss minimum wage and what constitutes a living wage. Then move on to what to do if you unexpectedly lose your job. We end by talking about managing a working life to find balance.


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  1. What was the comment about Christians and Chick-fil-A? “…they try to sell that Christian …. which I think is total BS.” Couldn’t make out what you said after Christian.

    1. I’ve no idea. Probably brand. Like Hobby Lobby, sell the Christian brand to get people in the door while they are illegally smuggling antient artifacts out the back. I’m a big fan of John Goodman’s bible selling character in O’Brother Where Art Thou? Christian’s can be easy business marks. And I’m a struggling one.

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